Iza Marfisi-Schottman

Associate Professor in Computer Science

Designing Games for Education


Exaustive of list of courses taught during my career


2013 – now: Full time Associate Professor at the Laval Engineering School

Mobile development, lecture and lab sessions (B.S., 80H) course material
Object oriented programming, lecture and lab sessions (B.S., 48H) course material
Serious Game design, lecture and lab sessions (professional M.S., 8H), 2 years course material
Advanced data bases, lab sessions (B.S., 45H)
Supervision of student projects and internships (B.S., 35H), 2 years


2011 – 2012: Full time assistant professor at the UPMC University, Paris 6

Artificial Intelligence, lab sessions (M.S., 44H)
Logic and knowledge representation, tutoring in English (M.S., 15H)
Basics of C language, lab sessions (B.S., 69H)
Basics of digital tools, lecture and lab sessions (B.S., 44H)
Digital tools and internet certificate, lab sessions (B.S., 20H)


2009 – 2010: Lecturer at the INSA de Lyon Engineering School

Java and UML, lecture and lab sessions in English (International M.S., 16H) course material


2006 – 2009: Assistant professor at the INSA de Lyon and the Lyon 1 university

Human Machine Interactions, lab sessions (M.S., 24H)
JAVA and UML, lab sessions and projects (B.S., 24H)    
C++, lab sessions and projects (B.S., 32H)
Basics of computer science, data bases and programming, lectures and lab sessions (B.S., 96H)


Last update June 2015 Credits