Iza Marfisi-Schottman

Associate Professor in Computer Science

Designing Games for Education


Mobile development

Designing and developing mobile applications with sensors

This course is an introduction to Android development. It focuses on the challenges related to mobile development such as designing interfaces that adapt to all screen types and using the sensors provided by smartphones and tablets.
  1. Basic concepts
  2. SDK environment
  3. Interfaces (adaptation to the screen’s size, orientation and resolution)
  4. Communication with a web server
  5. Reading and writing XML
  6. Geolocation
  7. Sensors (tactile functionalities, accelerometer, compass…)
  8. Sound and vibrations
  9. Augmented reality (QR Code, ARTag…)

The course also provided 5 lab sessions that will help you implement all of these functionalities.

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Title: M4104 – Mobile development

Level: B.S.

Course: 5H lecture + 5 x 1.5H lab sessions + 4 x 3H mini game project

Course material

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