Iza Marfisi-Schottman

Associate Professor in Computer Science

Designing Games for Education


CrowdFlash (formerly called Opphos)

Creating participative light shows in large crowds

The team has designed and development CrowdFlash, a mobile application that creates artistic light and sound effects in order to reflect and enhance the mood and the vibes of an audience during a concert, a sport  gathering, a conference or any kind of event which attracts a crowd.

This application uses the movements of the spectators and the ambient sounds to generate a crowd-sourced light show that reflects the audience's behavior during the event. It also enhances and propagates cheers and other sounds coming from the crowd. The goal of CrowdFlash is to create an immersive and collective emotional experience where each person in the audience plays an important role.

CrowdFlash uses opportunistic networking to spread information among mobile phones in the audience, and it is therefore adapted to an environment where the cellular network is insufficient for the crowd.


Opphos – a participative light and sound show using mobile phones in crowds”, ExtremeCom 2013

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Project Infomation:

Date: 2012 – 2013

Implication: leader

Partners: Mobile Life Center of the SICS lab (Sweden), KTH University (Sweden)

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