Iza Marfisi-Schottman

Associate Professor in Computer Science

Designing Games for Education



Identifying and extracting generic design patterns

Digital epistemic games (JEN in French) are games that teach students how to deal with complex, multidisciplinary and non-deterministic situations. The goal of the JEN.lab project is to design several digital epistemic games: Insectophagia for an agriculture high school, Rearth for a technical high school and Generalissima for a company.

In order to facilitate the process of designing such games, my contribution to the project was to devise a methodology and a model to identify and extract design patterns from existing digital epistemic games that have proven to be successful.

The model originated from LEGADEE, the Learning Game authoring environment I designed and developed during my PhD.


Extraire et réutiliser des patrons de conception à partir de Learning Games existants”, EIAH 2015

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Project Infomation:

Date: January – June 2015

Implication: participant

Partners: EducTice lab (France), LIUM lab (France), ICAR lab (France), LIRIS lab (France) and Symetrix (France)

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